☣️ Welcome to the Toxic Landfill… ☣️

The venue you are about to enter, as well as many of the residents living within, are highly unsanitary. Toxic gases and highly dangerous substances may seep out from any and every possible surface. In addition, many of the creatures living within are Poison Pokémon whose odour may cause severe discomfort, suffocation, fainting, and damage to lungs or nostrils, even from far distances. Please wear proper all-round protection and understand that you are solely liable for any damage caused to yourself from your visit here.

⚠️ Content Warning ⚠️

The author of this site and those of the various works within stress that Mallow the Garbodor and his various stories are intended as humorous works of fiction, which are suitable for all ages and audience types, and should not be taken seriously. However, some of the stories, comics, imagery and role-plays featured within this site may feature childish humour and/or content and characters of a puerile nature, and may therefore be unsuitable for certain audiences, or for viewing in a work environment (often referred to as “Not Safe For Work”). Please exercise your own viewer discretion before viewing any part of this site or showing it to others. Also, where public commenting is available, please keep your discussions family-friendly and ensure mutual respect between artists/authors, other site visitors, and yourself.