Mallow’s Design Reference

While there are many interpretations of my design, in 2014 I released an official reference sheet to standardize the main details, updating it constantly over the next few months; eventually leading to the image below:

The base of my design is the original Pokémon Black and White Garbodor sprite, with all of my unique details simply existing as additions or modifications on top.

Front View

  • A metal canister pokes out of the left (camera right) side of my body, on which the biohazard symbol, ☣️ is clearly visible. The design of this detail is meant to look like the canister is embedded within my body with just the side exposed through my sludge, revealing the pattern; however, other interpretations are permitted. It is the symbol, rather than the can itself, that is integral to the design.
  • In the very middle of my chest is a pink, heart-shaped (❤️) blob, representing my friendly nature. While some distortion to this shape is permitted to befit a sludgy body type, nor is there any guidance on the blob’s size, it must always remain recognizable as a heart.
  • While the sprite as shown above may not depict other pink blobs on my front and only two large blue blobs further down, the exact pattern and number of pink and blue blobs is not fixed and is open to artistic interpretation. However, any changes to the pattern or number of blobs must not distract from the central heart blob.

Back View

  • Because I spend a lot of time sleeping with my back against rubbish heaps, the garbage-bag trails of my back are permanently covered in sludgy stains which will never wash off. The design of these stains are again left to artistic interpretation.
  • The area of my back not covered by my garbage-bag cape should show signs of having been singed or burned by fire. These are scars from an injury I obtained fighting a rigged battle many years ago, which have never healed.

Additional details

  • The exact texture of my body can vary based on many factors. In general, my body is quite solid, but will leave bits of sludge on anything I come into contact with or which comes into contact with me. However, conditions such as getting wet, coated in dirt or sludge, or using my Sludge attacks frequently will cause my body to become less dense and more sludge-like, oozing and dripping.
  • I am very affectionate and like to hug. My hugging style varies: For close friends or sad situations, I try to take long and slow hugs, breaking off slowly, which allows less sludge to stick to them at the end. For other people, or if I’m feeling extremely excited, my hugs can be more forceful, slamming myself into them and leaving them very messy!
  • I am adverse to baths or long or heavy bursts of rain, and can only take short, infrequent showers; as being exposed to too much water for too long can actually cause my body to become waterlogged and may lead to bits of me breaking off. Getting too wet for too long may have serious adverse effects to my health.

My stench and its use in artistic media

General Notes

  • My stench varies from mild inconvenience to nuclear-level toxicity. Generally speaking, however, I always smell disgusting.
  • My standard stench level has been described as similar to that of a thousand Skuntanks even from a distance of six feet away.
  • I am only capable of self-controlling my stench to the extent of maintaining it. In other words, left to my own, my stench will always be either the same or will increasingly worsen over time.
  • In order to reduce my stench to its lowest possible level, I must undertake significant effort. This typically involves hundreds of cans of strong deodorants, several short showers (see additional details, above), and consuming Pecha Berries as well as squashing them onto my body. As I rarely possess any significant quantity of Pecha Berries, this is usually reserved for special occasions such as black-tie events, or if I’m gathering with a large group of friends or close companions who aren’t very keen.
  • My body creates more toxins whenever I get emotional in any way; or if I use any Poison attacks. This increases both my stench and my toxicity. Other ways I become more stinky are through the use of stink bombs, covering myself in dirt and sludge, and general poor hygiene.
  • Even though I like to be disgusting, I don’t seek to actively discourage people from being around me; and I get very upset if my stench or grossness keeps people away.
  • But, if you DO find me disgusting or my stench unbearable, yet you’re willing to stick around and stay close to me even at my worst, I will consider you one of my truest and best friends.
  • On a similar note, I loooooove being told I stink. What I love even better, though, are descriptions of just how much I stink! So feel free to go into detail about just how severely I gross you out, and don’t worry about causing me any offence — the more disgusting, the better!

Artistic Depictions

  • Any medium that includes me should always make some attempt to make reference to my foul stench, unless the story or scenario depicted specifically relates to me attempting to control the stench, or it would be otherwise inappropriate. (For notes about my stench control, refer to the opposite column)
  • The stench may be implied, as opposed to clearly visible, only if the story or scenario makes it clear via other means — for example, through the facial or bodily reaction of other characters; or via character dialogue or other wording used within the work. Note: if, as part of the scenario, my stench is implied to be significantly strong, it may still be recommended to use a visual cue in addition to the implied.
  • In all other cases, adding a visual cue as to my stench is strongly recommended, for example through the use of:
    — Gas Clouds
    — Fumes
    — Distortion of the air around myself
  • Mostly for humorous effect, while I am fully aware I stink, exactly how aware I am can vary. Sometimes I might think I only stink a little, when I’m actually really horrendous. Other times, however, I am not only fully aware of being intensely foul, but am very prideful of the fact.