My many adventures with stink bombs…

Given how proud I am of being stinky, it probably is no surprise to you that one of the things I really love in life is stink bombs. There have been many occasions where one or more have been used around in my presence, either to worsen my own stench, or to play disgusting pranks on others! Below is a selection of images featuring just some of the many examples…

A very smelly Garbodor smiles gleefully as he is presented with a small, black explosive with a green biohazard symbol on its side by a unique-looking Gengar with lengthened, sharpened back spikes. The Gengar has a green tongue which it is showing off as it passes over the bomb, as though it knows mischief is about to occur!
One of the earliest memories I have of using a stink bomb to worsen my own stench is when I was once given one as a birthday gift by a unique Gengar called Jinji. The two of us have since gone on to play stinky pranks on each other many a time.
Jinji comes face-to-face with a humongous machine with pipes and wires connecting up numerous barrels marked with biohazard symbols. Sludge and gas leaks all over the machine, and warning labels are everywhere. A computer lies in the centre of the machine's lowest point, with "Caution!" graffiti'd underneath.
One of my favourite ever ways I “returned the favour” on Jinji was when I teamed up with a Dragonite friend of mine called Zain, and the two of us built a massive machine specifically designed to blow up and cause him to get covered in all sorts of disgusting dirt, sludge and stench! You can see the full story, entitled “Mallow’s Barfday Blast!“, at his website.
Perhaps my favourite ever stink-bomb, though, was this massive explosive made of a combination of sludge, trash and all sorts of explosives, which was created by a magical trainer called Charlotte and her Espurr. I was absolutely in love as I stood in front of this blob of stench many times the size of myself and breathed in all the toxic odours as the fuse burned away, setting off an almost nuclear blast of filth and odours, with me at its core. I was turning noses whole regions away for months!

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