That New House Smell!

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Comic Description & Plot Outline

For my 2023 Birthday, Jinji decided to give me my biggest present ever – a brand-new house to call my own, so I have somewhere more pleasant to both live and invite people around. Of course, Jinji being Jinji, the house had all sorts of special features too! Read on to find out more and discover how I once again ended up being the sludgiest, stinkiest birthday boy!


Trivia and References

  • Jinji’s line, “You are the King of Stink, after all!” (Page 7), references the DeviantArt artwork “Stinky Coronation”, also by Kumada Panda. An edited version of this artwork is used as the background for the Mallow the Garbodor site.
  • My disdain for having a bathroom in my house (Page 7) and my nervousness/fearfulness when Jinji turns on the tap (Page 8) are partially caused by my aversion to baths. As explained in my Design Reference, I’m afraid that if I get too wet or for too long, my sludgy body could fall apart.
  • On Page 11, I refer to Jinji’s machine as being similar to a machine I built with Zain. This references “Mallow’s Barfday Blast!”, my Birthday comic from the previous year, which can be viewed in full at Jinji’s website.

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